The Scope of IRC’s Services

June 13, 2023

IRC has long been the solution for our clients’ state filing needs with over 100,000 filings submitted to date. However, we offer more than just third-party filing services. 

IRC Benefits and Offerings

To give you a little more insight, remember what the “C” in “IRC” stands for? The “C” is  for “consultants” and we take this title to heart. We take pride in our guidance for our clients and  are a trusted partner from start to finish, with solutions for any and everything that happens before the filing process even begins.

Whether you are an insurance carrier or an MGA, IRC can assist with targeted competitor research and analysis to ensure that your program or product is developed to be both competitive and unique in the marketplace. 

In addition, IRC can conduct assessments of proposed filing material and proactively draft state-specific forms, amendatory endorsements, and state exception pages, as needed. Insurance laws, regulations, filing fees, and guidelines are also analyzed and used to craft the most effective filing strategy possible.

Partnerships and Collaborations

With our in-house resources and through our collaboration with Verisk (learn more here), we can assist with actuarial consulting and analysis by providing expertise in such areas as LCM development, competitor pricing comparisons, ratemaking, and the preparation of state-required filing exhibits such as the CDI Prior Approval Rate Application and Template.  

IRC also leverages FilingRamp (www.filingramp.com), the only software fully integrated with SERFF, allowing it to submit filings faster and provide clients full transparency on the status of their filings and the ability to collaborate on objection letters. 

As a result, IRC can achieve compliance and obtain approvals in your desired jurisdictions faster and more efficiently, while coming in at a lower cost versus other state filing and regulatory compliance companies.

Knowledge and Resources

IRC’s unique scope of service is truly a 360 support for our customers. Our expert team paired with our   resources offer a top-of-the-line experience that provides efficiency that can’t be beat.

So, take advantage! Tap into decades of collective know-how with IRC’s consulting services.